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 Mexico rethinks its tourism posters   -   18 Jun 2008

Mexico has had to rethink how it advertises its various attractions in future after a poster depicting a naked woman caused controversy recently.

The ad was for some of the historic monuments in the Hidalgo region of the Central American country and featured images of these sites superimposed on to a picture of a lender model with the caption "Hidalgo gets under your skin".

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there were no complaints about the posters from locals or people enjoying their holidays in Mexico, but the National Institute of Anthropology and History was unimpressed at how the country's historic sites were being promoted.

As a result, the authorities in Hidalgo have toned down their billboards and are now using images of hot-air balloons traveling over waterfalls and mountains, according to reports.

"If I had shown a fat woman and her husband by her side … I don't think this controversy would have come up," said Roberto Gaudelli from the Gaudelli MCW advertising company that designed the campaign.

Relatively few people visit Hidalgo while on holiday in Mexico but the region boasts some of the most intriguing archaeology and tastiest food to be found anywhere in the country.

Written by Jo Diment