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 Tigers born in Mexico   -   09 Jul 2007

Five Bengal tigers have been born at a zoo in Mexico, it has emerged.

In news of interest to fans of holidays in Mexico, the litter went on display last week at Guadalajara Zoo, reports the Associated Press.

Zoo director Francisco Rodriguez told the news provider the births were the result of a natural breeding programme.

The zoo is reportedly famous for yielding the cat that attacked Roy Horn of the Las Vegas Siegfried and Roy act.

Holidays in Mexico tend to bring out the wild side of travellers with the country's exotic nightlife, baking sun and - of course - first-rate zoos.

Beaches, shopping and bars are for many an alluring backdrop to the region's uniquely stimulating atmosphere.

In related news, a new exhibition about renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo recently opened in the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

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