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 Cuban flamingo refuge wins award   -   27 Jun 2007

An area in Cuba housing the largest population of pink flamingos in the Caribbean has been awarded the Annual National Environment Prize by the country's Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and the Academy of Sciences, it has emerged.

An area that could be of interest to anyone planning a holiday in Cuba, the Fauna Refuge is located near the Maximo river and is also home to the largest crocodile population on the north coast of the country, reports the Cuban News Agency.

Considered a wetland of national importance under the intergovernmental Ramsar Convention of 1971, the news provider indicates that the area is an important part of local life, demonstrating for inhabitants the wonders of the natural world.

The bright plumage of the flamingo epitomises the exotic delights of a holiday in Cuba.

Visitors can sample the destination's famed party lifestyle before experiencing its unique natural wonders in areas such as the Fauna Refuge.

Meanwhile, the Police are rumoured to be playing a concert in Cuba later this year.

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