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 Prehistoric footprints in Mexico   -   01 Mar 2007

People on holidays in Mexico this month could be forgiven for thinking they had wandered on to the set of Jurassic Park.

According to scientists, a local man recently found dozens of dinosaur footprints on a riverbank, Reuters reported.

Biologist Oscar Polaco told the news agency: "At the moment we can confirm these are footprints that belong to dinosaurs that lived during the early Cretaceous [period]".

This is not the first such discovery - dinosaur prints were discovered in the same area of central Mexico in 2006.

Holidays in Mexico are renowned for their effortless mix of past and present. Visitors experience a cocktail of ancient and contemporary influences, as holidaymakers amble from the temples and pyramids to the beaches and bars without a moment's hesitation.

If people on holidays in Mexico find dinosaur hunting thirsty work, the region in which the prints were found is home to Mexico City, the country's capital and a great place to enjoy a refreshing drink.

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