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 Brazil acts to preserve rainforest   -   06 Dec 2006

Steps are being taken by the Brazilian authorities to preserve the Amazon rainforest and make millions of acres of the natural wonder protected.

An area larger than England has been given partially protected status to turn it into a rainforest preserve. This effort to protect the rainforest from loggers is great news for anyone thinking of visiting the area during their holiday in Brazil.

The new preserved areas are in Para, where wildlife such as jaguars, monkeys and birds is commonplace. These animals are among the incredible natural wonders that can be seen on a Brazil holiday.

If the rainforest isn't one of your must-see sights during your holiday in Brazil, the city of Rio de Janeiro can offer a very different view of the South American country.

With the incredible Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city, the fantastic Sugarloaf Mountain and the world-famous Maracana, one of the biggest football stadiums in the world, there is plenty to see during any holiday in Brazil.

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