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 Brazil's dinosaur discovery   -   01 Sep 2006

Holidaymakers with an interest in the Jurassic and prehistoric times may well consider spending their holidays in Brazil following the latest news.

Palaeontologists in Brazil have unveiled a new lifesize model of a new species of dinosaur, the fossilised bones of which have been unearthed over a four-year period in central Brazil.

The reconstruction presents the largest dinosaur ever found in the South American country and it has been named Maxakalisaurus topai.

"This is the biggest dinosaur yet described in Brazil," Alexander Kellner, author of a report on the dinosaur published by the National Museum, told the Associated Press.

"We have found the bones of what appear to be larger dinosaurs, but we still haven't been able to put them together for scientific descriptions," he added.

The new discovery could draw people from far and wide and could be the perfect excuse to book a holiday in Brazil.

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