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 Brazilian festival has 300 years of tradition   -   17 Aug 2006

The Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro is the annual venue for the Festa de Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, a celebration held for 300 years in the town of Parati.

A religious festival, it is important to the community spirit, but also allows tourists spending their holidays in Brazil to get caught up in this traditional tapestry of community history.

September 8th every year sees a 1.70m effigy of the town's patron saint carried through Parati, bedecked with incredibly valuable and splendid gold and silver earrings, chain and crown.

The town has been a national historic site for almost 50 years and people enjoying holidays in Brazil are often tempted to the old town for a view of its preserved architecture.

The more than 300 beaches in close proximity to Parati are also tempting to check out in the town, known for its important status as one of the Brazil's premier ports in days gone by.

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