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 Mexico returns to popularity   -   04 Jul 2006

Holidays in Mexico are apparently returning to popularity, with the Mexico Tourism Board noting that visitors are once again flocking to the beautiful beaches of Cancun.

Renovated hotels and larger beaches are just two of the reasons why holidays in Mexico are becoming the choice of many looking for a tropical package holiday.

The new infrastructure in the Latin country dedicated to improving the tourism of Mexico has borne fruit, with visitors going to enjoy the beaches, the resorts and even the archaeological ruins offered by Cancun.

Speaking of the new tourism focus, the chief executive officer of the Mexico Tourism Board, Magdalena Carral, said: "That was an effort combined of the federal government and the local governments it even earned Mexico a recognition from United Nations as an example to be followed. We are very proud of that recognition."

Airlines have also noted an increase in bookings to the country, with many thinking about bidding for new routes to cope and cash in on the extra demand for holidays in Mexico.

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