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 Women make Wise tropical choices   -   21 Jun 2006

With 19 per cent of women now preferring to travel by themselves, tropical destinations such as holidays in China, South Africa and South America are among the most popular destinations for these liberated thrill seekers.

According to single person travel company Just You, Wise (Women who Insist on Single Experiences) are increasingly choosing holidays in South American, Southern Africa and the Far East for their trips abroad.

The research showed that ten per cent of single women travellers factored memorable or eye opening encounters as their top priority when considering a tropical package holiday. This is something that is definitely on offer from the tropical destinations in the research's top ten.

Top choice for Wise destinations was holidays in China, with holidays in South Africa taking third place. Elsewhere in the top ten, holidays in South America also featured.

"Men might dream of going to the World Cup with a gang of mates but most of us women just dream of spending a bit of time on our own," said Jenni Trent Hughes, counsellor and relationship expert.

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