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Recommended Philippines holidays

Philippines further information
Currency: Philippine Peso
Approx flight time from London: 16
Time Difference: +8
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Philippines Holidays

Philippines holiday information
Natural beauty abounds on the 7,107 islands comprising the Philippines.

The Philippines has really taken off as a tourist destination in the last five years. Not only is it very easy to get around with a small navy of ferries, shuttle boats and water taxis but English is very widely spoken and there are an astonishing amount of different things to do.

Whatever you want, from beach lazing to a quiet mountain retreat, the Philippines has it all. Divided into three main island groups: Visayas, Mindanao and, home to Manilla, the capital, Luzon. All have their own attractions.

The best place for just relaxing on the beach is, arguably, Boracay Island, near Luzon island. With long white beaches and clear waters it is ideal for snorkelling, scuba diving and relaxing. In the south-east, in the Visayas islands, lies Cebu, which is internationally known for its suitability for watersports.

If a busy and cosmopolitan city is more up your street for some of your holiday then you cant go far wrong with Manilla. Taking its name from the Nilad, a white-flowered mangrove plant, it has a long and turbulent past by any standards. Manilla has risen above all its past troubles and is now a thouroughly modern city where the past is still preserved and visible.

Philippines Weather Chart

30°C/ 86°F 31°C/ 86°F 32°C/ 86°F 34°C/ 86°F 34°C/ 86°F 32°C/ 86°F 31°C/ 86°F 31°C/ 86°F 31°C/ 86°F 31°C/ 86°F 31°C/ 86°F 30°C/ 86°F